Practicing Forgiveness


Mindfulness is an evolving practice.  And lovingkindness, peace, wisdom and forgiveness need to be practiced. Most recently I felt really hurt by a close friend of mine.  The details are not important but an outcome was that I refused to attend a dinner she had invited me to.  She did not seem to understand what this was all about. But I knew. This had happened before.  I justified to myself that I was right.  I would not go.  She seemed extremely disappointed but did not voice this to me.

After thinking this all through I concluded that she did not seem to be malicious, was almost nonplussed. I decided to forgive her and attend the dinner.  She was delighted that I changed my mind and I feel OK also.

Forgiveness is not only good for the apparent perpetrator but also for the one letting go of the ‘insult’ and moving on with his or her life.  We tend to waste too much time on holding grudges.


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