Something Has Changed


I listened to Ronald Hoffman, MD last night and heard Dr. John Cannell who wrote “The Athletic Edge” and is a researcher and proponent of Vitamin D3. I’ve known about the benefits of Vitamin D3 and take this supplement as well as enjoy moderate sunshine with impunity.
Recently after reading Joe Mercola‘s newsletter I increased my intake of Vit. D3 to 4000 IUs daily. And when I heard the discussion last night it dawned on me that I have seen some changes in my well-being.
My yoga teachers have noted my improvement in my practice. I attributed it to taking more classes a week, from 2 to 3.
My hair has changed. It has become curly and somewhat more abundant. And perhaps because of the Vit. D3 as well as my study and immersion of meditative practice I feel centered, relatively calm and seem to be able to focus on what needs to be done and not losing my cool.
It seems that it is never too late.

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