How to Doctor


I’m getting some insight into how to be a patient and collaborate with a mindful MD to get the best care. Dr. RL seems to be willing to work with me. She seemed to listen and be aware. On the other hand I have established practices for how to be healthy in my life. I have developed a lifestyle that I follow quite rigorously in order to be well. Much reading, networking and trial and error has gone into my practices. There are elements within this routine that an MD might disagree with. For instance I will not take a flu shot. But Dr. RL recommended that as well as a pneumonia shot. That I may consider. She is an MBSR advocate. I am also. This is a good fit.
In essence patients as well as doctors need to be open minded and listen to each other. I had one doctor say to me “I am here to educate you.” How about he also listen. Especially to a mature and cognizant individual who might be able to teach him something?

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