To Doctor Or Not


I’m coming to the conclusion that doctors don’t help much.  I would like them to be consultants in the process of keeping me healthy. Instead I have had the experience of being dictated to.  In one case when I refused a cardiogram every time I visited (since I would not take the medication he was urging me to take anyway) I was dismissed. He wrote me saying that he was reducing his practice.  More recently another MD said he was there to educate me, also urging medicine, he refused to let me educate him. I sent him  an article that he refused to read because the doctor who wrote it was also selling products on his website.  Have you ever seen to advertising in a doctor’s office for all the medications they are pushing?  And both these doctors refused to communicate by e-mail.

I have now seen a doctor who does not take Medicare so I pay out-of-pocket.  That’s my choice and fine with me. She was recommended as having an integrative practice.  She listened to me and made copies of all the papers I brought her. I spend an hour with her.  But she too has a somewhat knee jerk response.  Please see a cardiologist. Why?  I may have heart issues (A Fib) but another stress test, echo cardiogram, etc. will not change this. I will still refuse blood thinning medication. Have a bone density test.  I’m active and stand straight. Again why? Consider a glutton free diet. It might help my asthma. I’ll look into this.

The rationale for her advice may be that I select a doctor for these tests who takes Medicare and the procedures will not cost me.  Yes they will. The Medicare that I don’t pay we all will pay. Doctors charge outrageous fees to Medicare and often tack on procedures that are dubious or not even done.  Do we even check, if we could understand this. I once got a statement that included a referring physician who I did not know. I referred myself. My husband had used him.

What I want is a doctor who considers my aversion to some drugs (coumadin, bisfosinates, statins) and helps me be proactively in my daily life. It might be that Dr. RL will hear me and respect my choices and needs. I hope so.

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