Air travel illness?


I wonder if I’m alone with this. I traveled by air in March and got a nasty cold with laryngitis shortly thereafter. And now this past weekend I flew to Colorado with stop overs each way. Four full planes in all. And four days later I again have laryngitis. I must have been exposed to 800 flyers. Is flying dangerous to your health? Has anyone else experienced this?

4 Responses to “Air travel illness?”

  1. Dave Winer Says:

    I forwarded a link to this to NakedJen who has something to say about it for sure!

    Hope you feel better mom…

  2. nakedjen Says:

    Hi Eve!

    I’m so sorry that this trip also left you feeling so poorly. Travel on planes actually CAN make you ill, mostly because you’re contained with, as you said, 800 others and you’re all sharing primarily recycled air. It isn’t as horrifying as it sounds, but there are lots of germs being shared.

    You’re generally prone to and exposed to the folks in the five or so rows around you, but if someone has a cold or even sneezes inappropriately, this can actually reach you.

    There’s also the issue that planes are turned over quickly and the seats and arm rests and tray tables are not disinfected between flights. So the person who sat there before you may have had a cold and left something behind for you to take along with you.

    Carry antibacterial gel with you. Use it frequently. Turn the air above you ON, but have it blow just in front of you, not on you, to create a kind of buffer. Try not to touch your eyes, face or mouth while you’re in flight. And you can boost your own immune system before travel (and while on your trip) by taking something like Nutribiotic with Grapefruit seed extract.

    I hope that helps. And I hope you’re feeling MUCH BETTER very soon. xo

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