Kindle Ugh!


I got a present of a Kindle for Mother’s Day.  Today I wanted to purchase a book for it. Went to Amazon and in 5 minutes I paid for and was supposed to have the book on my Kindle.  I can’t find it. Nor can I find anyone to help me find it. Now what?

5 Responses to “Kindle Ugh!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Yep. Just go to “Archive” – there you clock on your book – this will download it to your Kindle Homepage. Good Luck!

  2. Kevin C. Tofel Says:

    I’d make sure that your wireless radio is on first; check the Settings to see if it is. If so, there should be an option to synchronize your device, which will check for and download new books. If that checks out, you’ll want to look in your Archived Items, which are books you’ve bought but aren’t locally stored on your Kindle yet. Hope that helps!

  3. Bryan Cook Says:

    First things first: if it’s a 3G Kindle, make sure that the 3G is turned on. If it’s a wi-fi only device, make sure you’re within range of a wi-fi network (and that the wi-fi is turned on). Once you’re sure that it’s on, leave it on for a good five minutes or so. My first Kindle purchase took a bit longer than I expected to download.

    Followup questions: Did you purchase it through the website or through the Kindle Store on the device? Have you registered the device with Amazon already?

  4. gxg Says:

    try going to the home screen, click the up arrow until you select the top-most line (“Showing all xxx items”), click left arrow and select “Most recent first”. That should bring the latest book to the top of the first page. if that doesn’t work… I don’t know, I’m new at this as well 🙂

  5. Lisa Brown Says:

    Hi, Eve! Saw Dave’s tweet.

    Try this: if you have the wireless non-3g version, make sure wireless is on: click Menu, that should be at the top.

    Then, do Menu > Sync & Check for New Items. The new title should appear on your Home screen.

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