The Wise Heart and The Mindful Brain


I attended an extraordinary two-day event with Jack Kornfield and Dan Siegel connecting Buddhist psychology and interpersonal neurobiology. The most significant new learning for me was that “the focus of attention (meditation) will measurably change the function and structure of the brain.”  These changes are attributable to neuroplasty of the brain. The brain  becomes, “rewired” altered as a result of the experience and behavior changes.

Dan Siegel gave us an extensive neurology lesson of how the mid prefrontal region of the brain functions and can be measurably altered by mindful meditation, awareness training.  This includes such areas as insight, empathy, morality and intuition.  These changes are noted on examination of the brain as well as in function of the individual.

This was an extraordinary experience which I will be following up with more training  as well as much reading  including Dan Siegel’s Mindsight.

One Response to “The Wise Heart and The Mindful Brain”

  1. Michael Says:

    Eve, we know from our practice with the group on Tuesday evenings that these conclusions are correct. Growth in compassionate functioning of human beings is, in my experience, is an inevitable consequence of dedicated meditation practice. This is especially so when the meditation is accompanied by words that embrace the ideas of love, tolerance and non-harmful behavior. I’m so very pleased that you are pursuing the practice in a variety of ways.

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