Reining In Medicare Costs


Everyone agrees that Medicare costs are entirely too high.  The question is how to do this.  Many individuals and institutions are trying to effect a change. The president, the congress, the AMA, the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and numerous other special interests.  What is glaringly missing is the PATIENT. Not only are we not consulted, we are discouraged from having input into the treatment often being foisted on us.

I as a consumer of Medicare am fully aware of the cost of procedures being implemented in a doctor’s office.  And thus I resist undergoing some of them.  Personally I do not take a doctor’s advice as gospel.  I try to avoid certain medications and try to use life style changes to maintain my health. Since I will not take statin drugs or blood thinners why do I need a blood test or cardiogram every time I visit the doctor?  One doctor dismissed me as a patient. Perhaps as a result of my refusal.  I mainly go to the doctor for renewal of  Levothyroxine which I have been taking for years.

The patient needs to be fully informed. Not cowed by his/her doctor and taken seriously.  I have a new doctor now. He is willing to dialogue with me about some of these issues. However he does not take e-mail communications. So I have been resorting to snail mail. Not terribly effective.

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