Deadly Germs


Again we are hearing about deadly germs particularly in hospitals. And everyone is spooked about this, and  rightly so. So what does one do?

I’m very germy right now.  I picked up a bug in flight, in CA. etc. this weekend.  I have no fever so have been going about my business sort of. But some of my friends consider me a menace. And I guess I am. They don’t want to catch what I have. Neither would I if I had a choice.

So I went to the doctor and he smartly did not give me antibiotics.  Just wait it out or come back if things get worse.

What I really would like is some oxygen to help me breathe.  I can’t lie down without starting to cough.  So can’t get any rest.

Oh well, this too shall pass, or not.  Just venting.

Namaste all

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