Class Warfare in Egypt – And in The USA.


The NY Times reports today on page 6 that without police to protect them tensions between rich and poor exploded in Egypt.  The less affluent say that “These big guys are stealing all the money.” Rich Egyptians have fled from the integrated cities into gated communities full of big American style homes around country clubs… And now these very wealthy individuals are afraid without protection. This is Egypt.

Do you think it will not happen here in the USA?

On page 10 the Times reports that protestors have come to a posh resort where many rich conservatives are having a meeting (Rancho Mirage). They are protesting “unbridled corporate power” which the Supreme Court gave  illegitimately to rich corporations, in particular the Koch Brothers who used their vast resources to help elect many conservatives to Congress. How long do you think the citizens of the USA will stand by and allow “these big guys to steal all our money?” And our democracy?

Does anyone but me see the parallels between Egypt’s present uprising and the increasing unrest in the United States?

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