Buckminster Fuller


I made a presentation yesterday in front of my peers at PIER (Hofstra University) yesterday.  My subject was Buckminster Fuller.  I had recently read about an epiphany he had during a time of considerable distress.  He was contemplating suicide at the age of 32 because he felt like a complete failure. He had lost a 4 year old daughter to polio and spinal meningitis and blamed himself for not taking good enough care of her and his wife.  However, instead of ending his life Fuller decided to live from then on AS IF he had died.

Being dead, he wouldn’t have to worry about how things worked out any longer for himself personally and would be free to devote himself living as a representative of the universe. The rest of his life would be a gift. Instead of living for himself he would devote himself to asking “What is it on this planet (which he referred to as Spaceship Earth) that needs doing that I know something about, that probably won’t happen unless I take responsibility for it?” *

And that is exactly what he did.  He was a great humanitarian, conservationist, scientist, architect, inventor and very descent human being.

I found this story in “Wherever You Go There You Are” by Jon Kabat-Zinn

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