Our Broken Medical System


In “After Many Stent Procedures … article in the Times of 12/6/10 it is reported that Dr. Medei implanted as many as 585 unnecessary stents in a 2 year period. At a cost of up to 6 million dollars charged for these procedures.

In an article on 11/25/10 the Times reported on the thousands of deaths and injuries caused by hospital negligence or ignorance.

I have become very distrustful and almost phobic about doctors and hospitals to the extent that I avoid them both. I have and continue to educate myself about my health and well-being and make my own decisions as to my health care.
Doctors tend not to listen and my former MD (of 25 years duration) recently “fired” me. I had refused procedures for which I was unwilling to accept his recommended treatment.  Why have a routine blood test or cardiogram if I would not take statin drugs or coumidin?
I have made the decision to try to find a physician who hears me and respects my informed point of view, or go it alone. After all I will die anyway (I’m pretty old already) but in my own way with less intervention and at lesser cost.

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