Inside Job


Saw the movie Inside Job about the colossal breakdown of our financial and moral systems the end of 2008. Not much new in the film except the extensive involvement of so many institutions. Did you know how the major universities contributed to the crisis? Harvard, Columbia. Business school and economics professors made speeches sanctioning the shenanigans of the financial community and were heavily compensated for them. They were also put on boards of Directors  with huge remuneration.

The most stunning and disheartening revelation of the film was Obama’s apparent complicity.  He campaigned to put a stop to these outrageous activities  and maneuvers. And in the end he kept all the culprits of the debacle in his new administration. He made no effort to clean house. Nor is he talking about changes even now. It is status quo from previous administrations, including Clinton.  Everyone seems to have been actively involved or at least condoned the misdeeds.

So what do we do as individuals who now see that we have been and are being lied to, and are in danger of the whole system collapsing around us handle our disappointment, worries and fears that we will be seriously impacted by what has transpired and continues to be happening?

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