To Give or Not To Give


I have a lot of stuff, both mine and Leon’s. And I would like to recycle this stuff. Preferably find a good home for it. So I give things away. And now I’m finding that not everyone wants what I give them. They don’t say “no thanks.”  So they just discard it themselves or give it someone else.

Of course the greater question is what do we do with all that we have acquired over the years without impacting on the landfill more than we have to. Options include:

1. Donating to thrift shops or charities
2. Try selling on e-Bay
3. Hold a garage sale
4. Make sure when giving a “gift” that it is welcome. Encourage recipients to say “no thanks” to you. No hard feelings.
5. And stop acquiring.

One Response to “To Give or Not To Give”

  1. Dave Winer Says:

    I would go with #1 — least hassle, and you’re doing something good with it, helping out people in need.

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