Changing Standards of Normal


An Op-ed piece in today Times entitled Good Grief discusses the medicalization of normal emotions.  We also see this in the changing standards of cholesterol levels. And also in the premature diagnosing of Alzheimer’s disease, for which there is no cure.

With regard to grief the new DSM 5 is suggesting that there be added a new category major depressive disorder when referring to what many consider normal grief when faced with a serious loss like the death of a loved one.

With regard to cholesterol the standards are being continually lowered to encourage physicians to prescribe statin drugs to more and more people including children.

And with diagnosing Alzheimer’s before there is a cure are they setting up a population that will be targeted when a new drug is invented to perhaps help those patients.

As I said in a previous post, It IS all connected.  I believe that this is being driven by the pharmaceutical industry.  In today’s article the authors state that “It is a safe bet that the drug companies would quickly and greedily pounce on the opportunity to mount a marketing blitz targeted to the bereaved and a campaign to ‘teach’ physicians how to treat mourning with a magic pill.”

Of course this what has happened with cholesterol levels and is of great potential with the Alzheimer’s debate on diagnosing before there is even exists a pill that claims to be a cure.

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