Cyber Bullying was written about in yesterday’s NYT. It is a very harmful activity for both the person being bullied and the bullies. There are several things parents and guardians can do to reduce this kind of harassment or victimization.

As with other potentially antisocial behavior supervision is a key. When a parent is present and engaged in the child’s life less of this deviant behavior can occur and the consequences of this for the victim can be reduced.  For example have dinner with your children. Every night or at least most nights.  Get to know your child. Have discussion.

I’m reading a book entitled “The Mindful Brain” by Daniel Siegel which discusses attunement which is defined as how one person (a parent) focuses on the internal world of another (the child).  If this is achieved “such attuned relationships promote resilience…”  I would extrapolate from this that children feel protected and safe in the face of attempted bullying. And there will also be little (or no) inclination for someone to become a bully.

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