It IS All Connected


We are seeing numerous cuts to services nationwide as well as locally. Reported today is the reduction of services to NYC public transit. Schools are seeing cuts and borrowing from NYS pension funds are being used to fund what is left of our educational systems.  There is a shortage of funds to finance new sources of energy to try to reduce global warming. We do not have funds to provide adequate vaccine for poor children in the 3rd world.  And so forth.

If we stopped the outrageously expensive, unpopular and ineffective war in Afghanistan we would have more than enough funding to provide all the services necessary for a viable society worldwide.  But that will not happen now that it has been established that there are valuable natural resources in the mountains of Afghanistan.  The world will be looking to develop these resources (thing Haliburton) and we, the US will remain there forever on the pretense that we need to, or even can eradicate the Taliban.

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