Dangers of Statin Drugs


Statin drugs cause many serious side effects.  It would be better if cardiologists prescribed life style changes and natural remedies for reducing the level of LDL in our blood.  A young friend of mine recently visit his cardiologist and was found to have elevated LDL. Even though he has been taking statins for years now. The doctor recognized the value of fish oil and prescribed pharmaceutical grade, very expensive fish oil for the patient.  He added a second statin which was to control triglycerides which were elevated.  Plavix was also added to the mix. No mention was made of including essential CO Q10 in the regimen.  Or that triglycerides respond very well to reducing sugars and carbohydrates in the diet.

So the doctor chose to take the medication route rather than strongly encourage the patient to stop smoking and drinking and eat more healthily and exercise more before imposing this serious medication on his patient.

One Response to “Dangers of Statin Drugs”

  1. Dave Winer Says:

    My doctor told me that none of the medications work if you’re smoking.

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