John McCain’s Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA)


My well being is almost entirely due to the guidance of alternative medicine MD’s and the taking of nutritional supplements. I have been accumulating information and knowledge about what to do for my mental and physical health throughout the years.  Some of my resources include Joseph Mercola MD, Ronald Hoffman MD, The Linus Pauling Institute , The Weston A. Price Foundation and many others over the years. In the beginning there was Adele Davis, remember her? I have kept myself abreast and tweaked and refined my regimen so that I am doing quite well in my old age.

Now we are being threatened with restricted access to dietary supplements. The sponsor of the Dietary Supplements Safety Act (DSSA) is JohnMcCain.  We need to have the freedom to regulate and enhance our own well being.  This bill which no doubt has Big Pharma behind it will seriously limit our access to essential dietary supplements and nutrients that have been proven to enhance our health and keep us out of doctors offices and hospitals. It must not pass.

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