Verizon vs. Con Edison


Resolving payment issues with Verizon was a piece of cake compared to figuring out what Con Edison wants from me.  Problems include:

1. There is no consistent billing date.  My dates include 4/26,  4/12, 4/1,  3/19, 3/1, 2/26.  They seem to bill 3 times a month. And why the end of the month and then 3 or 4 days later?

2. They rebill items that are not due yet. On a bill I got in early April a charge not due until 4/12 was again posted.  I had scheduled it to be paid electronically on 4/9.

3. I have not had my meters read for quite a while.  I have not been home. So I and my neighbor have tried to read them.  Not easy.  For example my gas meter does not seem to have dials but records numbers. Which do not seem to coincide with Con Edison’s estimate.

4. I cannot get through to a person at the company to discuss this.

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