The IPad


I find my computers essential for writing and communicating.  That is e-mails, my blog and composing essays, notes and recording some of my thoughts.  As far as I know the IPad does none of these things.  It also does not have a phone or a camera.  Can it process pictures like my computers can?

The IPad is also a weird size. How do you carry it around? A backpack? It does not fit into a purse easily.  And could it not get damaged loose in a backpack or purse?

So I’m not impressed.

2 Responses to “The IPad”

  1. matt simerson Says:

    You can record your thoughts on the iPad as text or via the voice app. I tend to use the Notes app much as I’d record my thoughts on an index card.

    I use the WordPress app to publish blog entries on my iPhone. Its pretty good. It lets me post photos and write [short] articles while I’m out and about, far far away from my computer. I too am disappointed by the lack of a camera. I will still have a computer at home on a desk. Where the iPad will truly shine is propped on the counter in the kitchen with a recipe displayed, and on my nightstand, and in my (now much lighter) backpack while traveling.

  2. Is the iPad bad for democracy? - John McQuaid - Edge of Chaos - True/Slant Says:

    […] not a writing tool. Out of the question. This concerns Jeff Jarvis, rightly so. This is something my mother observed when I demoed it to her on Saturday. Howard Weaver writes that not everyone is a writer. […]

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