Verizon Bills


I’ve had some difficulty with Verizon which may or may not be settled at this time.  My most recent problem with them is a bill I received without  explanation of services being billed. The individual I spoke with about this said that she would send me the complete bill.  However every one of their bills has the following statements on them: “This is a final disconnection notice” and “Total Overdue Charge” which is the amount of the bill.  The only problem I received the bill on 3/10 and it is due on 3/17.  Why am I being threatened with disconnecting my service with a bill that is not overdue?

One Response to “Verizon Bills”

  1. Matt Terenzio Says:

    It sounds like a mistake. You often have months before these companies will pull the plug on you. I’ve been there, that’s why I know. ; )

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