Taking Responsibility, re: The World of Long-Term Care Hospitals


Providing custodial care for gravely ill individuals without the hope of sufficient recovery or of attaining  a reasonably comfortable life is gross misuse of the system for the purposes of enriching individuals and/or a corporation.  According to today’s Times there are numerous institutions that provide “care” for profoundly ill patients.  This is very costly and often the patient is not even aware of what is happening to him/her. They may be being kept alive against their wishes.

This is another case for taking responsibility for one’s end of life care. We need to plan now, while we are relatively well and cognizant. We need to put in writing our wishes for our end of life care to inform health care professionals and our families.  Do we want to be institutionalized and kept alive and on machines against our wishes?  We need to spell it out in writing and perhaps even consult a lawyer to make our wishes it binding.  We should not allow ourselves to become cash cows for greedy  institutions.

One Response to “Taking Responsibility, re: The World of Long-Term Care Hospitals”

  1. francinehardaway Says:

    That happened to my mother. She had Alzheimer’s and she was reduced to sitting curled up in a bean bag chair, eyes closed, unaware of her surroundings. My husband helped me put her in a care home, and then warned me (he was a physician), that she was a “profit center” for the home and I had to be careful what expenses I authorized for her care.

    My brother and I finally decided together to deny her antibiotics when she developed an infection, and asked that she be asked to die peacefully. I knew damned well she didn’t want to stay alive, and so did he. The biggest issue here is getting agreement among family members.

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