Promoting Learning


I’ve been discussing the taking of responsibility by individuals especially concerning their health and health care.  It is time to talk about education.  How can we promote responsibility among learners. In this case we the educators have to GIVE responsibility to the student.  The student must be an active participant in his/her education.  One example of this kind of activity is in the providing of special services for a child.  This process includes many steps.

1. Determining the nature of the need.

2. Planning an intervention.

3. Implementing the special program.

The student must be an active and an integral part of each of these activities.  How to do this?

1. When evaluating a child to determine need we must let her/him know what and why we are doing it.  Also get input as to their experience of their education.  Ask: Are you having difficulty learning?  In what way? What do you need help with? You the educator are a facilitator.  Then we evaluate giving and getting feedback throughout the assessment process.

2. Now a plan needs to be considered.  The student is the focus on what is to be done to promote his/her learning. Without the child’s input and agreement, the plan will not be implemented or even succeed. There is no ownership.

3. Once a plan has been agreed upon it must be checked by all to see if it is working.  Is the child achieving better, understanding better and showing progress?  We need the student to tell us this.  There can be no recriminations. This is a collaboration.  If little success in noted by the child and the educators the plan needs to be revisited by all, including the student.

The bottom line is if we do not fully include the child and give him/her responsibility for the plan and its success then it most likely won’t succeed.

One Response to “Promoting Learning”

  1. Denise Abadi Says:

    You are right…but that makes the assumptions that adults care what the child has to say…after all they are the grown ups.,

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