Haiti Aid – Condoms


Bill Moyers gave a brief history of Haiti on his 1/22 program.  It has been horrendous.  An indigenous people being , decimated, tortured and killed since the beginning of colonization. Now nature has dealt them a serious blow.  So what can we do?  I think making financial contributions to various organizations to assuage our guilt and allow us to move on without remorse is not the answer.  This situation is an example of what I refer to in an earlier post as beyond our  ability to impact.

I have made some contributions to organizations I respect.  I’m not sure what impact this small amount can have.  But I do have one suggestion that may seem trivial but could help somewhat in the near future.  That is to provide condoms to all sexually active Haitian.  This might at least eventually begin to reduce the population dependent on such limited resources.

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