More Big Pharma Abuse


Two articles in today’s Times continue to point out the greed and influence of the pharmaceutical companies.  In the Prescriptions column we learn that Congress and the White house had originally agreed to give them 12 year exclusive on biologic drugs.  No one could compete for 12 years.  There is talk of reducing that time to allow competition sooner.  Mr. Tauzin, chief lobbiest for the pharmaceutical industry wrote that they could not support the health care bill if this reduction was part of it.  Sounds like a threat to me.

Another article in the Times today Johnson & Johnson is Accused of Paying Kickbacks points out that J & J paid ten of millions of dollars to induce Omnicare, a nursing home provider, to buy and recommend their drug for elderly patients. As a result profits tripled in 5 years from 100 million to 280 million.

These are of course only the tip of the iceberg in the influence yielded by the drug companies and high cost of drugs to the government and ultimately the people.

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