We Need to Take Charge!


Our health care needs to be under our (the patient’s) control.  We have  our own best interests in mind.  Areas in which we can do this include being very knowledgeable about our own situations and what treatment we can benefit from.  In today’s Times there are several statements that suggest that we are not in charge of ourselves.

The Prescriptions column in today’s Times business section states that the medical community are the gatekeepers to health care.  I suggest that we the patients are (should be) the gatekeepers.  We need to know what treatments and drugs to partake in and which not to undergo.  For example my doctor knows that I will not take statin drugs.  So why test my cholesterol  every time I visit him?  As a patient I have the right to say no to treatments or testing that drive up the price of our health care unnecessarily and I believe are not only not helpful but even harmful to me in the end.  We the patients need to push back against the insistence of the MD to do procedures that do not result in interventions chosen by an informed  patient.

If we let the medical community to dictate our treatments the prices will continue to be driven up and there won’t be enough monies when we actually need intervention.

To follow: How the pharmecutical companies are holding up the American people.

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