The Hazards of Testing


In 1989 I presented a paper at ISPA in Ljubjana entitled The Hazard of Testing.  This paper described the consequences of misuse and overuse of test results and scores by school psychologists and educators. I recommended that we do less testing and just examine and remediate what the student indicates he/she needs help with.

The same can be said about medical testing by physicians. The more data is collected the more likelihood there will be a deviant finding.  And now that one has these results what does one do with them.  I say better not to go fishing but instead listen to and look at the overall functioning of the patient and presume that we just adjust what we can see overtly.  Not look for anything hidden or esoteric. Thinking positively may well result in feeling and functioning well. The mental status of well being can influence the person’s physical status.  Mind over matter.  Think positively. Everyone.

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