A Good Death


In a NYTimes Op Ed piece by Rep. Earl Blumenauer he writes about the value and necessity of having a discussion with your doctor about how you wish to experience the end of your life.  He tried to have doctors reimbursed for the time they spend speaking with patients about these vital issues.  Blumenauer was not successful. So once again we are going to it for ourselves without the benefit of legislation and Medicare reimbursement. Perhaps the doctors will join us in this vital activity.

As an elderly individual I am fully aware of the need to plan a comfortable and unimpactful death for myself.  So what does that involve?

1. Allow only minimal intervention by the medial profession.  Unless you think they can improve your quality of life do not permit invasive procedure.

2. Having my affairs in order. One never knows when the end will come.

3. Make sure that all concerned know my wishes of no intervention at the end of life.

4. Clear out my house, certainly of all the non essentials.

5. Be aware of the ways one can help him/herself to be eased out of life.

6. And finally live life as well as possible in the meantime.  A wonderful book I cherish is “A Guide to the Good Life” by William Irvine. He states that you can have a good death if you have lived a good life.  With no regrets.

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