Savings for American Airlines


I recently spent several hours at the new American Airlines terminal 8 at JFK.  It was a warm summer day outside and freezing inside.  American Airlines, like many other carriers is having financial difficulties.  I wonder how much money they would save if they increased the temperature at this huge terminal by just 3 to 5 degrees.  And it would be so much more comfortable for their customers.

2 Responses to “Savings for American Airlines”

  1. Dave Winer Says:

    This is what I didn’t want to say at dinner, because I was sure you’d get angry — but I’m willing to try with 3000 miles between us.

    Everyone has a different body type, and some bodies are comfortable when others are freezing.

    Men’s bodies typically have more mass than women’s and we are more comfortable with colder temps.

    So there’s no one thermostat setting that’s right for everyone.

  2. ewiner Says:

    Why would I get angry about this comment or observation about different body types? I consider it enlightening. However comfort is not the only consideration for AA. I believe that they would save a lot of money by raising the thermostat. They could experiment with various settings to accommodate the most people.

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