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I had some time before meeting Edie for a theatre date to see Ira Glass at Town Hall. So entered an interesting atrium nearby. A quiet place with just a few people including a group of card players who allowed me to photograph them. One showed me his scarred head and told me how he had fallen 4 stories as a child and survived.

Low-Carb Diet Healthy, Duh!

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This is no longer news but that the NYT reported on a significant study of the health benefits of a low-carb diet is news. The Science Section of the Times has been equivocating throughout this controversy. But I hope they will not continue to do so. Low-Carb, high fat, high protein diets are heart protective. But now with this definitive study many health professionals and government agencies have to fully accept the research and prescribe accordingly.

I have my own personal experience with this concept. I had read John Yudkin’s book, Pure White and Deadly, published in 1972 many years ago,  and have known that sugar was deadly. In 1994 I embarked on an experiment on myself. I had been listening to Robert Atkins, and , l just got my numbers back from lipid testing and decided to go totally no carb. My total cholesterol was 426, ldl was 314 and glucose 125. My then doctor went bonkers. I then decided to cut out carbs. I refused statin drugs.
Three weeks later I was again tested and found a drop in total cholesterol of 125 points to 301, ldl dropped 110 pts to 204 and glucose to 108. I told this to my friends and their comment was so what happened to your weight from eating so much fat? I lost 8 pounds. It really worked. 

Since then many journalists and researchers have said the same thing. Carbs, especially sugars are bad for you. These writers and researchers starting with Carlton Fredricks and include Gary Taubes, David Perlemutter, Robert Lustig, Weston Price Foundation, Joe Mercola and most recently Nina Teicholz who recently wrote “A Big Fat Lie”.


The NYBG on a Hot Labor Day With No Crowds

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Visit to Old Westbury Gardens 8/18/14

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I Don’t Understand

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I have three computers not counting my G3 Smart Phone.Yesterday I tried to make an airplane reservation on my desktop Mac computer with Jet Blue. I could not do it. Kept getting error messages about phone numbers being incorrect. I finally made a call to them and got Vicky who for $25.00 helped me enormously. One thing that happened was that she sent me a new password in my gmail account but it did not appear on this computer. Nor did the reservation which she completed for me. However when I opened my tablet this morning there were the 2 e-mails sent to me by Vicky from Jet Blue. Why did they not appear on the desktop Mac? Who, what decides where my mail should go?

Shared by Cindy from Yoga Nidra Workshop with Rudy Peirce at Kripalu

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"Peace begins when you smile, when you help, when you listen.
Peace begins when you breathe, when you breathe….when you breathe.
When you breathe slowly and consciously, you quiet your body’s stress chemistry, you begin to relax, you create peace.
Imagine everyone on earth breathing, relaxing, creating peace.
Peace begins right now, this moment.
Peace begins with you."
– Marc Rosenbush

LIRR Screws Up!

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I wanted to use the LIRR from Queens yesterday late morning. When I looked at the schedule on the internet I found that both stations which I can use did not have service into Penn Station yesterday morning. So instead I decided to use the station at Flushing-Main Street. At that station there is only 1 machine to purchase tickets. On the street under the eastbound tracks. I did not know this. I was going west and had little time to catch the train. No machine at the westbound area. So in order to make the train I resigned myself to paying a greater fee for the ticket. Fortunately I told the conductor my tale of woe and she charged the machine rate for the trip. She also told me that the train had stopped at Broadway, which had been listed as having no service on the computer.
Solution: there needs to be available ticket purchase machines in both directions at the Flushing Station and there should be no misinformation on the LIRR schedule site on the internet.


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Kripalu was the highlight of our trip this week. We studied and practiced Yoga Nidra with Rudy Peirce. Did lots of yoga in addition and ate wonderful food in a nurturing setting.

Ai Wei Wei

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Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei has an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. He is presently under house arrest in China. He has been very outspoken about the poor construction of schools in China which caused thousands of children to perish during the earthquake of 5/2008.


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